So, Truth came out with some hot n ew styles, that are so sexy. and Overhigh did again with her great creation with this jacket and tshirt combo, and the shorts too. Accessories are by Sweet Leonard, and are completely easy to compliment any style of outfit…:)..Get Slurls below..<3



Hair: >TRUTH< Hollana –  light blondes NEW at C88

Top/Jacket:Overhigh – Blazer with T-shirt /FATPACK

Shorts: Overhigh – Ounce Shorts /FATPACK

Necklace:::LEO-NT:: Anchor Necklace Set ~wood&brass~box

Sunglasses:::LE O-NT:: MY MUSTACHE Glasses ❤ GACHA-boxed-

pageLeft  is Kenzie and Right is Tenille

Hair: >TRUTH< Kenzie –  fades

Jacket/Top:Overhigh – Blazer with T-shirt /FATPACK

Shorts:Overhigh – Ounce Shorts /FATPACK

Neclace on Left:::LEO-NT:: My Hippie Chain~ALL~ boxed

Necklace on Right::LEO-NT:: Leaf Necklace Set ~wood&brass~box

Sunglasses:::LEO-NT::  MY MUSTACHE Glasses ❤ GACHA-boxed-


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